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      Hello everyone! And here`s my inprogress of cosplay Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic movie.

        My last photoset of the main heroine – Rose Dewitt Bukater - was based on the suicide scene (Remember? She was going to jump into cold Atlantic waters and then she met Jack Dawson there) Yep, that`s my favorite scene by the way. Pretty hard to answer “why”… Well, because of emotions which gave us the perfect Kate Winslet`s performance. And during this scene we begin to get to know the main characters better.

   Now about sewing JumpDress (each Rose`s dresses got their special names depending on the scenes where they appeared. So, Rose was going to jump off that`s why the dress that she wore in this scene called “JumpDress”) It was sewn in Edwardian Empire style, `cause this dress has a basque which reminds us Empire fashion. It was sewn from red sateen, two layers of black gauze with a  black jour gauze with a train. The bodice and train were embroidered by me using a plenty of Czech beads and rhinestones.

    The inprogress took me about 10 months of work! I began to do it in June, 2014 and finished in February, 2015. But it`s worth to do it. It`s a big experience in embroidering and sewing at all. And this dress is my favorite one from Titanic movie (it staggers belief, lol)  

        Here you can see a short review how I recreate Rose`s dress step by step.

        I begin to embroider a double hem of the dress. For that I need a black close textured organza. Made many circles and embroidered with black beads.



        Then I got these embroidered circles with glued rhinestones:


  Then I made a lacing with black beads. Instead of using a special caprone thread, I beaded this lacing with a monofilament yarn. That`s better, because no signs of needling should be visible on the lacing. The black monofilament yarn suits the best for that.

  The next step is a black satin ribbon and black beads of three different sizes. 
Here I drew a little scheme how to make a beaded lacing:





Then I added a diagonal located beaded rows


    … because Rose has this beaded ribbon in the movie


    That`s not visible detail but I wanted to do it anyway lol

    After that a corded edge (just use black beaded lacing) of the black gauze with a train I goosed it.


    And we got this


    A small hustled through part (in comparison for sure) of this dress is done, all right. The next step is a beaded basque. That`s was rather complicated, `cause Titanic is an old movie, there`re no HD photos from promo sets, it`s hard to take a look more closely at Rose`s dress, especially at beaded pattern. I found some pics from Titanic collection, where Jumpdress was represented. Actually my variant is based on photo from Titanic collection more than on the movie.

    Then I decided to draw a sketch of this dress:


    Yep, my bad, I beaded a wrong pattern, that`s way I decided to unstring it.


    And another try


    Well, I did it many times and I got the hump and unstring all beaded basque


    After that dress I knew that I`m a very patient person hah

    Beading a back. Made bastings for beaded circles with rhinestones in the middle


Actually, I had no problems with patterns on the back.



    Part of beaded arm


    Near-final results:



    Then I noticed that two sparkles in the form of flowers were smaller than the original ones. So I glued a row of rhinestones to make them bigger


    Then I sewed them again in the middle of this basque

    The last part is the decoration of this black gauze with a train:


    Beaded in random way small black drop-shaped patterns. Some of them are empty inside for glued rhinestones



  Making the shoes

    I found my shoes, which remind a little bit the original ones

    The next step – should do sewing patterns from fleecy fabric (kinda. I don`t remember exactly this fabric)



    Then sew them down


    Another sewing patterns




    Take a double red lycra and sew round the shoe


    Cut needless parts of fabric and glue them to the shoes. Then I glued a red lacing on the periphery of the shoes + embroidery near the lace (my lace consists of two black satin ribbons)


    After that I added an acrylic pattern


    The result


In the beginning of XX century ladies like Rose and other 1st class women had a special bag pouch. The size of this pouch is small. I have no idea what woman of that time were able to carry around in this tiny bag. Maybe it was empty (gonna google it lol). Well, I needed bigger pouch that the original one (for convents for example) and I sewed using a black gauze and red satin this:


    …and embroidered with beads and rhinestones I got this:


    Actually I don`t know who drew adorable sketches of Rose`s dresses. Know only the main designer of Titanic - Deborah Lynn Scott. (By the way she won Oscar Award in 1998 for Titanic dress collection) Maybe she drew it.

    Inspired by JumpDress`s sketch I did this collage


    Well, I don't look like Rose's prototype in the right but wanna do this collage anyway

And here you can see more Titanic photos :3 You`re welcome!…  

Thank you for reading! 


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Hallo, everybody!

I`m Anna and I`m glad to see you on my page!

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Happy birthday miss ! I'm a huge fan of your Rose cosplay ! When I was 14/15 I was fan of TH too (my favourite song at that time was spring nicht ^^) well personnaly I'm quite not a fan of Bill's style that you cosplay, I like him more with the style he had with Schrei/Durch den monsoon, Rette mich, Der letze tag and world behing my wall. 
Well I'm not really a fan of this group anymore, but I still love some songs like In your shaddow I can shine. 
Happy birthday again miss, I'm really amazed by your talent, (sorry for my mistakes)
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Oh, thank you so much! :heart:
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Oh, actually my favourite it`s a mohican from 2009 (if I`m not mistaken) and yep, his style in the video World Behind My Wall :3 But one year ago having watched their performance Through the Monsoon in München I got an inspiration to make that Bill`s look :D 
As for me, I can say that I`m a dedicated fan :D Within the bound of reason for sure. But a fan :D 
Oh, In Your Shadow - my favourite one *_* Love so much and live performance from Humanoid Tour.

Thank youuu~u! That`s so sweet :heart: 
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